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The Most Reliable and lnexpensive
Mobile Service in Korea

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Korea SIM Gold (SK telecom ; 데이터 무제한) 추천 New 적립금

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상품명 Korea SIM Gold (SK telecom ; 데이터 무제한)
판매가 5,800원
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4G LTE unlimited data

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Korea SIM Gold


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번호 제목 작성자 작성일 조회 평점
103 편해요HIT 오**** 2020-08-17 231 5점
102 사용하기 매우 간편합니다!HIT 정**** 2020-05-14 319 5점
101 Fast and convenientHIT A**** 2020-01-16 213 5점
100 The Sim card is a must for traveling. It makes everything so much easier! The pick up was easy.HIT y**** 2019-08-26 438 5점
99 It's very convenient for tourists. I like this SIM card, and definitely will recommend it to my friends.HIT S**** 2019-08-26 360 5점
98 The SIM card worked perfectly and without any problems. 100% worth every penny, I can recommend it to travellers who need a rHIT J**** 2019-08-26 301 5점
97 Thật sự rất hay GOOD!HIT G**** 2019-08-26 272 5점
96 The price of the product is high, but the international calls are really cheap. Buying the product was a good choice.HIT ا**** 2019-08-26 273 5점
95 The experiment is excellent. I have preordered my Korean sim card from home. It was ready at arrival when I checked in at theHIT F**** 2019-08-26 238 5점
94 You don't need to print out the voucher, you just need to show your voucher to the pick up counter. Pick up counter is easy tHIT C**** 2019-08-26 209 5점
93 Quick, simple and reliableHIT B**** 2019-08-26 190 5점
92 Finding a pick-up point at the airport was very simple. Overall, I'm satisfied with it.HIT M**** 2019-08-26 164 5점
91 It's fast, and international calls are cheap.HIT Z**** 2019-08-26 161 5점
90 Easy step to get the sim card in airport... KT staff very helpful to setting the simcard with our phone.. No poor receiving pHIT H**** 2019-08-26 117 5점
89 Good and smooth data. Convenience and easy to use, no need set up. But queue long while waiting for collect:) i**** 2019-08-26 98 5점
88 We got the SIM card successfully without any hassle. And used the SIM card on my own wifi egg for family used. Unlimited dataHIT A**** 2019-08-26 127 5점
87 Extremely convenient to redeem in the airport. Superb connection throughout my whole entire trip. Would love to recommend thi F**** 2019-08-26 90 5점
86 Perfect data plan for travel in Korea. It is very convenient to be picked up at Incheon airport upon our arrival.HIT A**** 2019-08-26 112 5점
85 Cheaper than purchase at the local KT Olleh counter. Simple and quick when collect the sim card. Z**** 2019-08-26 80 5점
84 Super easy and reliable. Pickup of sim cases directly at the airport with very little waiting time. Would book it again next E**** 2019-08-26 70 5점
83 Ordered online before our Korea trip. Price was cheaper than market price. Highly recommended! J**** 2019-08-26 67 5점
82 在機場領取很方便,沒有流量限制可以安心上傳照片和影片,隨時分享旅行的時刻,大推! 刘**** 2019-08-26 78 5점
81 You can easily get your sim card at arrival hall. The speed is very good and you can access it almost everyway in Korea. Y**** 2019-08-26 62 5점
80 Easy to use and fast connection. Great values! Especiallly the price is very cheap and no Extra costs... Nice G**** 2019-08-26 75 5점
79 It has been good so far the network the internet the staff at the airport. Really appreciate the simcard and the Kr sim compa S**** 2019-08-26 63 5점
78 The network speed is really really good. Highly recommended to get this during trip to Korea. L**** 2019-08-26 55 5점
77 Very stable network. Good value for its speed and stability. Will buy again when coming to Korea. W**** 2019-08-26 58 5점
76 Sim Card was good and at an affordable price! Counter was easy to find and the staff there was friendly and able to communica C**** 2019-08-26 53 5점
75 Fast and super efficient connection. Very cheap considering the unlimited data included with the sim. S**** 2019-08-26 41 5점
74 Travelers should really get this instead of purchasing in Seoul! It's cheaper (with discounts), and super convenient! Collect k**** 2019-08-26 44 5점
73 very convenient to use! staff knew what i wanted, no difficulty due to language barrier E**** 2019-08-26 43 5점
72 We picked up the sim at the airport. The service is quite fast despite the peak hours! We were also allowed to try the sim in G**** 2019-08-26 45 5점
71 Good connection with fast speed! It's easy to pick up at the airport and the staff are helpful too. If you're having trouble J**** 2019-08-26 47 5점
70 The redemption process was a breeze! The staff at the counter was very patient with us although we forgot to check the size o B**** 2019-08-26 30 5점
69 Great experience... Will book again when we visit seoul M**** 2019-08-26 34 5점
68 I'm very satisfied with the easy pickup at the airport and the speed of the card :) I always use this service whenever I go C**** 2019-08-26 27 5점
67 Having unlimited data to stay connected to social media wherever I go! Keeping my love ones updated with all the amazing plac R**** 2019-08-26 28 5점
66 You can buy SIM CARD at Incheon Airport. But it was much cheaper to live online. I recommend you to buy here!! ;-( J**** 2019-08-26 29 5점
65 Perfect data plan for travel in Korea. It is very convenient to be picked up at Incheon airport upon our arrival. M**** 2019-08-26 25 5점
64 It is very efficient and fast. Good deal! I am always connected and can easily use my social media. B**** 2019-08-26 28 5점
63 The SIM card is very helpful to me in my Korea trip. It's really unlimited and high-speed internet. Also the place to get the S**** 2019-08-26 25 5점
62 Good service. Detail guidances. Easy to collect sim card. Very helpful! Thank Krsim. I will use krsim services next time and G**** 2019-08-26 26 5점
61 Great customer service, replied to my queries immediately. Went to Seoul, Jeonju, Busan, and had no issues with reception. I D**** 2019-08-26 28 5점
60 The service was great! Went to the booth to collect my SIM card, the staff were polite and friendly. The provide fast service L**** 2019-08-26 26 5점
59 It was easy to install and there is no any problems when browsing internet and using Google Map for direction. The data is ve J**** 2019-08-26 29 5점
58 Amazing service! Fast n convenient~~must use Krsim product every time when I travel as a backpacker!! S**** 2019-08-26 26 5점
57 這是第一次用這個卡,這5天首爾釜山都有去,收訊真的很好,以後去一定會再使用♡ 家**** 2019-08-26 23 5점
56 真的很方便也很好用!!也超級划算~我10天無限亂用~真的下次一定會再繼續購買!! 祐**** 2019-08-26 22 5점
55 Very convenient and reliable. The card could be collected from the counter near the exit of Arrival lobby of Inchoen Airport Z**** 2019-08-26 28 5점
54 訂購流程非常快速方便,價格也不會太貴,非常推薦,下次若有需要也要再次購買 茜**** 2019-08-26 24 5점
53 Very nice, it was convenient and reliable. I will use this internet SIM card again in next travel. R**** 2019-08-26 24 5점
52 Very easy to collect and the speed is awesome. Easy to use . N**** 2019-08-26 23 5점
51 For travelers, the local data sim card is very important for using Maps, Hotel booking, Googling and keeping in touch with fr C**** 2019-08-26 24 5점
50 Extremely convenient to redeem in the airport. Superb connection throughout my whole entire trip. Would love to recommend thi M**** 2019-08-26 26 5점
49 I wanted to purchase 4G LTE Prepaid SIM CARD, but I was worried that I arrived at the airport at 10 PM.So I told my situation 万**** 2019-08-26 24 5점
48 very easy to install and use. the pickup point was very easy to find and the staff very organized. the data speed is fast but R**** 2019-08-26 26 5점
47 First of all, you don't have to return krsim SIM CARD! I'm satisfied. K**** 2019-08-26 24 5점
46 I'm not used to it yet, but I think it'll be fine. Because so kind the answer to your Facebook message. M**** 2019-08-26 23 5점
45 I don't regret buying at krsim.net :) Because it is much cheaper than other sites and it is very easy to pick up the sim car C**** 2019-08-26 22 5점
44 SIM CARD is very convenient. I can access the Internet everytime I need to search Map, place...with fast speed. It's so simpl N**** 2019-08-26 22 5점
43 외국에서 생활하다가 잠시 한국에 들어올일이 생겼었는데, 이 유심같은경우는 한국여권을 소지한 사람도 사용이 가능하다고 하셔서 불편한거 없이 잘 사용했습니다. 구입하기 전에 궁금한점은 facebook message를 이용해서 HIT K**** 2019-08-26 104 5점
42 In Korea, SIM card is really expensive. ;-( But when compared to the airport and other sites, it's the cheapest. E**** 2019-08-26 28 5점
41 Location was easy to find in airport. Make sure to look for the airport exterior door numbers don't get confused by the passe Á**** 2019-08-26 24 5점
40 SIM CARDを使用するのに不便さがなかったし、次の韓国訪問時にもここsimカードを利用しそうです 友**** 2019-08-26 27 5점
39 It is very efficient and fast. Good deal! I am always connected and can easily use my social media. L**** 2019-08-26 27 5점
38 Great service from the counter staff, efficient and convenient. Fast connection and excellent network coverage. R**** 2019-08-26 29 5점
37 It was good! There was no issue in showing the voucher and getting the sim card. The person at the counter had the pin and he C**** 2019-08-26 24 5점
36 The unlimited data was very useful, it served as a helpful tool for foreigners to get to places without much hassle. A**** 2019-08-26 27 5점
35 Sim card est très bon. M**** 2019-08-26 28 5점
34 It was great and easy to activate A**** 2019-08-26 27 5점
33 The sim card is worth the price. The connection is very reliable & fast. Makes you connected all the time! The pick up booth D**** 2019-08-26 27 5점
32 The SIM card is very helpful to me in my Korea trip. It's really unlimited and high-speed internet. Also the place to get the U**** 2019-08-26 31 5점
31 Good luck with your customer response to Facebook. S**** 2019-08-26 30 5점
30 The SIM card is easy to get at collection spot and easy to install and operation just you think can do it T T**** 2019-08-26 48 5점
29 Excellent! The pick up location is very convenient. The service is good. The network is everywhere. A**** 2019-08-26 29 5점
28 Convenient to use and easy installation at Gimhae airport. Data speed was awesome.. R**** 2019-08-26 29 5점
27 Connection is fast and signal strength is also very good S**** 2019-08-26 35 5점
26 Very convenient. Arrived late at Incheon but still pickup was easy, and counter staff was nice and helpful. Internet speed wa J**** 2019-08-26 31 5점
25 I don't have to worry about my data usage for my entire trip in Seoul. Will definitely buy it again for my next trip! J**** 2019-08-26 33 5점
24 Not as fast as what i would've wanted. But it works. J**** 2019-08-26 27 5점
23 Was a bit tough to set up as it required multiple phone restarts but other than that, the speed is great and unlimited data h M**** 2019-08-26 32 5점
22 Surprisingly works very well with excellent coverage and speed (by KT Olleh). No need to worry about massive data usage, I st S**** 2019-08-26 38 5점
21 Good~ S**** 2019-08-26 34 5점
20 Very nice, it was convenient and reliable. I will use this internet SIM card again in next travel. Y**** 2019-08-23 35 5점
19 The sim card signal very good. No need to carry another heavy Wifi stuff, much easy for travel, definitely will choose KT ne Y**** 2019-08-23 40 5점
18 It is very convinient to use this sim card. Signal are good at every place i visit. This make my journey smoother. Recommand L**** 2019-08-23 37 5점
17 convenient pick up at airport! A**** 2019-08-23 33 5점
16 The connection was really good. No problems with the speed. Also the procedure for picking up the sim card at the airport was k**** 2019-08-23 29 5점
15 Transaction and collection was smooth. Worth the money as it's unlimited data, connection was excellent all the time. a**** 2019-08-23 35 5점
14 Extremely convenient and hassle free! m**** 2019-08-23 30 5점
13 Easy to understand instructions for collection. Good coverage of wireless in the mountains in Gangwon, Korea (3 hours outside S**** 2019-08-23 39 5점
12 We got our sim cards without a hitch. The connection was constant, and the speed was true to Korean Internet standards. The o N**** 2019-08-23 35 5점
11 Easy to find with clear instructions J**** 2019-08-23 29 5점
10 Excellent!!:) will recommend it to friends..:) S**** 2019-08-23 33 5점
9 Easy to redeem and worked great! V**** 2019-08-23 35 5점
8 Fairly okay. Connection was good all throughout N**** 2019-08-23 30 5점
7 It's an ultimate experience using LTE Data Sim Card as compared to Wifi Egg, the LTE connection is really fast and it almost C**** 2019-08-23 29 5점
6 It is a bit difficult to leave review.. But the SIM, price and quality is the best in all I have used. Absolutely second to F**** 2019-08-23 29 5점
5 Quick online help when the SIM card didn't activate due to a problem with my phone. I was worried I was in for a hassle, but D**** 2019-08-23 32 5점
4 I could easily find it at Incheon International Airport KT The staff worked quickly and accurately.It's something I'd like C**** 2019-08-23 28 5점
3 The pick up is simple. Fast and efficient. W**** 2019-08-23 43 5점
2 Compared to other sites, I think it's the cheapest and best. M**** 2019-08-23 33 5점
1 I recommend you to live here without worrying about it. Because it is a great experience to come to Korea and enjoy the Inter B**** 2019-08-23 48 5점

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