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The Most Reliable and lnexpensive
Mobile Service in Korea

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  1. Korea SIM
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Korea SIM Blue (데이터 무제한+국내음성+국내문자) 추천 New 적립금

기본 정보
상품명 Korea SIM Blue (데이터 무제한+국내음성+국내문자)
판매가 25,700원
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Korea SIM Blue (데이터 무제한+국내음성+국내문자) 수량증가 수량감소 25700 (  0)
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블루 심카드의 인천공항 T1 픽업처가 2021년 2월 27일 ~ 2021년 3월 31일까지 CU편의점 1호점으로 변경됩니다.
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Korea SIM Blue


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번호 제목 작성자 작성일 조회 평점
61 픽업 배송지 변경 또는 취소가능HIT[1] 이**** 2020-10-10 228 5점
60 잘 사용 했습니다.HIT e**** 2020-10-08 212 5점
59 오늘 픽업햇어요HIT b**** 2020-07-16 358 5점
58 신속,친절한 응대 감사합니다 서비스도 좋아요HIT J**** 2020-06-22 293 5점
57 굿굿 GoodHIT 김**** 2020-05-14 254 5점
56 Maybe the BEST option for you to choose(쵝오)HIT J**** 2020-01-30 354 5점
55 The best choice for internet in Korea. It might be a little expensive, but trust me is worth it. You don't have to worry on sHIT A**** 2019-08-23 214 5점
54 Very impressed by this company's customer service. I was scheduled to vacation in Seoul in July, but ended up having to underHIT J**** 2019-08-23 134 5점
53 I have great experience with this website and it is easy and friendly use and I got SIM card fast less than 24 hours by order A**** 2019-08-23 88 5점
52 I recommend this service because is really easy to pay and get the sim card. The Support service is excellent, they support a A**** 2019-08-23 82 5점
51 Convenient pick up at Incheon airport. The staff helped us set up the card. Good connection throughout the entire trip. M**** 2019-08-23 57 5점
50 It is so usefully. Good service, i can use internet in everywhere, good connection. Nice to help me find the way easily. J**** 2019-08-23 39 5점
49 The signal is 4G+ and i really loved it.. When my friend are keep looking for the public wifi, i can keep calm because this s I**** 2019-08-23 42 5점
48 Always an excellent choice to buy and use this SIM card for my Korea trips. Fast data service and very convenient collection. L**** 2019-08-23 27 5점
47 Quick replies. Friendly. Speaks English! Fixed a problem right away. W**** 2019-08-23 38 5점
46 In terms of data speed, this would definitely be a 5! : ) Network is very much reliable. However, the ease of pick-up can st m**** 2019-08-23 42 5점
45 我第一次来韩国了,原因就是去陌生的地方,所以对旅游又紧张又期待。韩国很有名的旅游国家吗,化妆品、衣服都是很时尚的。韩国人挺喜欢打扮,男生帅女生美。我在网上热情地搜索过韩国旅游时注意事项,韩国旅游时必须去过的地方等等。那时我发现了这个网站,感觉很老号的 小**** 2019-08-23 32 5점
44 They were very polite and patient when I missed my pick up for the SIM card. Helped me through the process, gave me several o H**** 2019-08-23 26 5점
43 Stanley has been exceptionally helpful and very responsive on FB messenger and he answered all my questions very promptly and A**** 2019-08-23 27 5점
42 The sim card was very convenient as I was able to find my way through and hotspot my data to my traveling companions. h**** 2019-08-23 22 5점
41 the man is very kind,language is very good,quite helpful. W**** 2019-08-23 21 5점
40 If you’re in need of fast and reliable 4G LTE + 100 minutes of outgoing calls and 100 outgoing texts (incoming is free), make D**** 2019-08-23 29 5점
39 Really easy and fast! Got it done within 5-10 mins and it worked perfectly! Data was excellent and I could share it with my F C**** 2019-08-23 29 5점
38 Everyone at the company was amazing!!! They are all such friendly people and were so helpful. I highly recommend these guys � J**** 2019-08-23 16 5점
37 激动激动鸡冻 :)我本来想租个WIFI蛋,可是不想原地还件啦,充电啦,我会烦呢。所以这次我买过了这家的手机卡,我直接在网站买过了。下飞机后我就开始找WORLDROAMING取台去了,从门出来就容易找到了那个地方。虽然手机卡使用前我得用护照注册,可是注 慧**** 2019-08-23 28 5점
36 awesome! it's first time what I used. it was a nice thing, has good price and good contents. definitely, I am satisfied. So I j**** 2019-08-23 25 5점
35 hello! I LOVE KOREA! I've used sim for 7days. it was amazing!!! I had to register, it made me a little bit bother, anyway I w s**** 2019-08-23 39 5점
34 sim made my trip better, I could save data for when I really need it. sim card is an important role on travel. I still could a**** 2019-08-23 18 5점
33 Best customer service! Purchase online and pick up at the airport, or have delivered to you. Super easy install and set up in J**** 2019-08-23 16 5점
32 Really good and fast. Very reliable in terms of data coverage and speed and really worth the money. F**** 2019-08-23 15 5점
31 Amazing service that was super helpful for our needs! Definitely the place to go if you're a foreigner needing a SIM card in V**** 2019-08-23 18 5점
30 We received amazing service at this location and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. They speak very good English, E**** 2019-08-23 19 5점
29 It’s so convenient that I can get the SIM card easily at Incheon airport by showing the receipt on mobile. The mobile signal H**** 2019-08-23 14 5점
28 Easy to locate the pick up desk in the airport, easy to use, and fast connection! K**** 2019-08-23 24 5점
27 Superb. Recommended. S**** 2019-08-23 16 5점
26 The pickup location is really close and nice. h**** 2019-08-23 21 5점
25 I have never found unlimited data service with phone number at this price but here. Absolute solution. Recommended. T**** 2019-08-23 24 5점
24 It suddenly didn't work as soon as I used it. I was so embarrassed that I asked for help in a Facebook message. He asked me S**** 2019-08-23 23 5점
23 Ifyou gonna buy a south korea sim card, here and this is the one you need :D The internet speed is fast and the crew super h L**** 2019-08-23 18 5점
22 Outstanding customer service. I was in the city and couldn’t get prepaid SIM from KT shop near Gangnam station. In desperatio O**** 2019-08-23 12 5점
21 The Facebook message service at krsim is great.I am really impressed by the accurate and kind answers.Every time I visit Kore N**** 2019-08-23 8 5점
20 Great SIM and value. 10GB of unthrottled data (data can still be used after) for 15 days. To extend, just use the app and pay J**** 2019-08-23 14 5점
19 The counsellor on Facebook messenger is always ready to answer. Unbelievable. That is so impressive. Mobile internet service L**** 2019-08-23 8 5점
18 The best sim as far I know. Ive never found more attractive South Korea prepaid SIM than this. Recommended. M**** 2019-08-23 8 5점
17 Korea Sim went above and beyond to help me during my trip. I had purchased a Blue LTE sim which for some reason would only co K**** 2019-08-23 10 5점
16 외국에서 친구 올 때마다 하나씩 선물합니다. 전화번호, 통화도 할 수 있어서 한국 내에서 꼭 붙어 있을 필요도 없이 서로 연락하기 딱입니다. 데이터 속도에 감탄들 합니다. ㅋㅋㅋ 혜**** 2019-08-23 60 5점
15 I always use this SIM my travel in Korea.You can find this usim at Myeongdong or Hongdae convenience stores.But it's much che J**** 2019-08-23 17 5점
14 I tried to activate the SIM by online at '4AM'. And it was done immediately!! It must be an automatic process. A**** 2019-08-23 12 5점
13 If the advance purchase makes you nervous, www.facebook.com/krsim Please use this message. This page message away my anxie A**** 2019-08-23 14 5점
12 韓国にしきりに遊びに来ているが、いつもここにショッピングモールを利用しています。 今回新しく出たblue sim cardを使用してみたけど本当によかったです 旅行を本当に楽に作ってあげました。 k**** 2019-08-23 15 5점
11 simkorea.blog has brought me here.The information there was awesome.I recommend you all to refer the site.Korea sim blue was R**** 2019-08-23 10 5점
10 It was easy to find the booth for the simcard. The internet was fast and the signal was good, even in areas outside Seoul. Wi K**** 2019-08-23 9 5점
9 This is really great. I forgot prepaid sim card and ordered it 4 hours before I left. Frankly, I knew I couldn't play pick- S**** 2019-08-23 10 5점
8 Fast service and data card works just fine. Confirmation email came quickly too and directions/ instructions were very clear. R**** 2019-08-23 10 5점
7 Thanks Krsim.net for providing such service! It was hassle free. I will definitely use krsim in the future! P**** 2019-08-23 8 5점
6 This data plan was awesome! Super recommended for South Korea travelling. With high speed internet, you can post your photo a J**** 2019-08-23 12 5점
5 No hassle and worry-free. Easy pick up at the airport and no data distruption in all locations I've been. Super convenient an 翔**** 2019-08-23 14 5점
4 The internet speed is very stable and fast enough to stream any video online i.e. youtube, netflex with no issue. Highly reco j**** 2019-08-23 10 5점
3 The signal is 4G LTE and i really loved it.. When my friend are keep looking for the public wifi, i can keep calm because thi L**** 2019-08-23 14 5점
2 Great one!! I got the confirmation that provides me with clear instruction to get the SIM card at Incheon Airport. And the SI J**** 2019-08-23 11 5점
1 Surf everywhere. You will find yourself buying here. :) S**** 2019-08-23 15 5점

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